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I'm Scott Brelsford. I help couples and singles to restore and create the most amazing relationships. Relationships that are full of passion, understanding and happiness. Regardless of the challenges that try to get in the way, you will always be happy.
I am a Relationship Specialist and a Personal Coach. I am a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). And I am a Practitioner of Deep State Re-Patterning™ (DSR). 

I'm also a loving and affectionate husband and a devoted father.
Most of all, I'm a guy who places enormous value on my relationships. The way that I connect with myself and with those that I care about the most is my passion.
I believe that the way in which we connect, gives us nourishment and fulfilment to our true inner selves. I believe this makes us more attractive to others, allowing us to enjoy relationships.
Let me help you to create the relationship you have always wanted.

It's Easier Than You Think!

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Scott has helped me recognise what wasn’t working for me with my beliefs. He showed me some empowering techniques to be the person I want to be so I can create my outstanding results. Scott guided me through the process without judgement and made it easy to create the change I needed.

Thanks Scott!

Grace Vassallo
Grace Vassallo Behind The Hair
More Praise

When I was approached to MC a big Christmas Event in our local area, I agreed but found myself filled with dread at the very thought of it! Scott helped me to conquer my fear, using a method called “power stacking” It was a great process to go through and really gives you a sense of empowerment!  Scott helped me to remember all the great accomplishments I have achieved in life and managed to set a “trigger spot” so that anytime I needed reminding I could set off these feel good emotions. On the night, I spoke well and felt really confident… I even made everyone laugh (not being funny enough was one of my major concerns) As a result I even got more work MC’ing other local events and now it’s something I don’t even think about! Not only has Scott helped to overcome this fear but I use my trigger point all the time in every day life, every time I think “I can’t” or I start questioning myself, in turn I think that the work Scott has carried out on me has made me a more positive person and I have been truly surprised at the things “I can” do! For instance I took a vow to myself to get fitter and after 3 months of training I can now run 15k’s, this is something I never thought I could do but with Scott’s positivity in my head I managed to battle with my own head and get through it! For anyone that is sceptical, I implore you to give Scott a go!  He will give you a new leash of life and make you see things in a more positive light!

Hannah Quilford
Hannah Quilford Bass Coast Business & Tourism Partnership / Wonthaggi Business Association

I never thought that I would benefit the services of a life coach. I found myself at a standstill with my business, where I found myself frozen and unable to take action. I had a chat with Your Hidden Potential, who introduced me to the concept that everything I was doing, was a strategy that was operating in my unconsciousness and therefore I was unaware of the strategy I was running, a strategy that I myself had designed, to keep me safe from something that I feared would happen or go wrong. And so I agreed to begin working with Scott and Your Hidden Potential. I'm glad I did, as I then realized that the patterns that affected my professional life were the patterns that were instilled in me at a young age.  Using Your Hidden Potential's Strategy Elicitation technique, they partnered me and I learnt how to break through these patterns. As a result of releasing my old strategy and replacing it with a new supporting strategy, my confidence increased and I was finally able to move forward the way I dreamed it would be.  I would like to thank Scott and Your Hidden Potential for giving me the tools I needed to take action in business.

Chris Galea
Chris Galea KX Pilates Balmain

Fantastic - exactly what I needed to achieve my goals. Scott was able to arm me with the right tools and techniques to overcome my 'obstacles' to achieve my end results. I highly recommend him to everyone. I now realise that the glass is 1/2 full and not 1/2 empty!! Keep up the great work Scott!"

Afrodita Vandenberg
Afrodita Vandenberg Data#3

After completing my journey with Scott, I have let go of internal barriers I was unconsciously ‘protecting’ myself with and immersed myself into a new career opportunity that scares the hell out of me, yet will bring me enormous fulfilment. Every cell of my being feels alive and bursting with energy to release more of my hidden potential and make an impact on a much larger scale. What a hidden gift, it has changed the course of my life. Much appreciation to Scott and his inspiration.


I would really like to give Scott the biggest thanks ever, for all his hard work in the last 6 sessions of coaching. A very professional coach with amazing insights. I found Scott very comforting and he made me feel at ease very quickly. I felt I could open up and really talk to Scott. I was dissatisfied with a number of other areas in life, and with myself mainly, I knew I wasn’t living the life I wanted. Scott helped me either make changes or put things in perspective. He asked brilliant questions and was hugely encouraging. All the sessions were thoroughly thought provoking. I learnt something new about myself at the end of each amazing session. Why I did what I did, what feelings captured me, and made me act like I do. What my strategies did for me, how I held myself back from the success I wanted. How the success was so limited, I could never of past it without Scotts help. I feel I know myself better than ever before. I have new tools & strategies now to shape my life. I knew what I wanted, but just couldn’t get it right, now I have the steps and choices to make it change all for the better. It was so powerful that after a few weeks, things began to change, I mean, I'm off to the other side of world, I'm moving house & I gained huge conviction over the right direction for my career, talk about snowball ride. I can’t quite believe the difference and my new way of thinking! I highly recommend Scott for anyone seeking answers to questions about their lives and trying to make decisions in living a more conscience and fulfilling life. It has motivated me to do some very big changes, which will get me closer to the life I want to live. With my confidence soaring again, and new ways to tackle life who knows what next...? He did genuinely change my life. Thank you again.

Bryan Fouslham
Bryan Fouslham

What a journey it has been, Scott, and how professionally you guided me along it! I cannot express my gratitude enough, my heart-felt ‘thank you’ for your support, encouragement, insight and leadership in helping me open up to my self and to my true potential. Before our sessions I thought about myself as someone quite in touch with her own feelings and thoughts. I was ready to go further than that and wanted to develop the courage/confidence to take some more significant steps forward, to take action and control over my life. During our sessions I realised that, despite my inner awareness, there was still a lot within that I did not know about myself, that I needed to acknowledge and accept in order to be able to move forward freely and with confidence. You supportively guided me through the moments when I felt vulnerable and fragile and you amazed me with your intuition and wisdom during the times when I felt stuck. You helped me recognise some limiting strategies that I have had all my life, that have been holding me back from being the person I could be. You showed me how to create new helpful supportive strategies that serve me well and will take me in thedirection that I want to go. You guided me though setting strategies to achieve my goals in my personal and professional life, and since then I have stayed on track focused and confident. Your encouragement to me to use visualisation techniques have proven so powerful, that I now use these regularly to keep me on track with my fitness and meditation goals. I thank you again for everything you’ve taught me and especially for bringing clarity and a strong sense of focus in my life!


Thanks so much to you Scott. I took a leap of faith in asking for the help in something I knew nothing about, with regards to Scott and his relationship coaching sessions. My life at the time felt desperate. I had no support from anyone, my life and family were falling apart, I was feeling like I was never good enough and always a failure and I knew that my thoughts were not right, so I reached out for some help. I'm glad I did! Scott somehow knew exactly where I was coming from. All I had to do was listen, not only to Scott, but to my own thoughts as well. He helped me in a way that confronted my child hood fears, right through to what was giving me my most happiness and reality. There were a lot of things that we worked on together and I am very grateful to Scott, with showing me how to catch myself and listen to what is going on. I now feel comfortable to achieve the family goals and the personal goals that I have now set for myself, something that I had rarely had set for myself before I had met Scott. Thank you!!! You have made a big difference in my life, and to my family. It is AMAZING.

Danielle Staggard
Danielle Staggard

Thank you so much Scott. Our sessions were amazing, and knowing that I could just talk to you and allow myself to feel safe and to not be judged was so important to me. I was feeling uncertain, confused and a little stuck and you helped guide me through my thoughts and beliefs so then I was able to release a lot of the pain and pressure I was putting on myself. I experienced some great ah ha moments and explored and cleared some limiting beliefs that I was playing with that were causing the bumps in the road on my journey lately. With all this clarity and valuable insights I can now move forward and be true to myself at a much greater level with the desire to be me, connect and pay it forward. Thanks again.


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